16 plus 1 Cooperation

The background of the 16+1 format of cooperation between China and the CEE countries


The Strategic Partnership between the European Union (EU) and China is based on the ‘Trade and Cooperation Agreement’ signed in 1985 by the two parties and covers, a part from the external affairs, issues related to security and international challenges such as climate change and global economic governance. EU-China Association developed further through the creation in 2003 of a ‘Strategic and Comprehensive Partnership’ which set up later in 2013 a ‘Strategic Agenda EU-China 2020’.


In the energy field, relations between EU and China cover six main priority areas and their corresponding actions are developed and debated in working groups, seminars and conferences as part as the ‘EU-China Energy Dialogue’:

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Smart grids
  3. Energy efficiency for buildings
  4. Clean coal
  5. Nuclear energy
  6. Energy policy and legislation 



At the end of 2014, during a High-Level meeting between Central and Eastern Europe’s Heads of State and governments and China, Ponta administration launched the ‘Center for Dialogue and Cooperation on Energy Projects’. The proposal encourages academia, the business environment, institutions and government administrations in China and the 16 states of the Central and Eastern Europe to promote and exchange best practices in view of common development.