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The Romanian Energy Center (CRE) is a non-governmental and non-profit association, based both in Bucharest and Brussels, representing the interests of state-owned or private companies active on the Romanian energy market. Profiles of our member companies cover the whole value chain for electricity and gas, specialized petroleum transport services, engineering equipment and multi-technical energy related services. Together, our member companies employ approximately 45 000 employees.


Since it was launched in 2011, the Romanian Energy Center has been in the middle of the debate on the energy transition across the UE and more specifically in the Central-Eastern European region. Thanks to our Member Companies, we brought forward valuable national and regional insight in consultations launched on key topics such as the New Energy Market Design, the Review of the Energy Efficiency and the Review of the Renewable Energy Directive post-2020.

We constantly strive at aligning the national and European decision-making processes in energy and ensure that the measures adopted at the EU level reflect the regional values and need of our members.

Ca urmare a invitaţiei lansate de Ministerul Energiei în vederea atribuirii responsabilităţii de coordonare a CDCDEP 16+1, asociația Centrul Român al Energiei s-a angajat în preluarea portofoliului de responsabilități, împreună cu asociația Centrul pentru Studiul Democraţiei.

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The Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD) is a nonprofit public policy organization founded in 2006 with the Faculty of Political Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. In its pursuit to improve the quality of policy processes and cross-field impact the Center engages in research projects, analyses and public debates from a global and comparative perspective with a solid practical component in three main directions: good governance, education and international relations and national security.

CSD has a considerable portfolio of public initiatives and is a trusted partner in the process of policy-making in Romania. Our collaborations reach a wide array of national actors such as public institutions, NGOs, universities and private companies, as well as prestigious international partners while bringing together leading national and international experts in all its fields of interest.

Our core activities include, among others, the support and development of partnerships and cooperation programs at local, regional, national and international level. In the field of energy, which is part of the international relations and national security dimension, our efforts are focused on two main projects: enhancing regional energy cooperation and developing policies to target energy poverty and improve the situation of vulnerable consumers in Romania and the CEE region. The latter is an ongoing study, which aims to bring effective contributions to the legal framework and market regulations currently in place, and propose efficient non-financial measures for network operators to implement.

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